David Ryan watched his beautiful wife stroke her horse, a wedding anniversary gift from him. Sunshine neighed at her touch, his own horse, Spirit, watched as his owner’s wife interact with his mate. David loved his wife more then anything, she was perfect. He wondered in what lifetime did he do something right to be given a gift like her. With her goddess looks, and infinite kindness, he wondered why she married a guy with him.

She came from the city, but found peace within the country. She would passionately claim that the air was cleaner, less angry people shouting and cussing on the streets below of her tiny apartment, but most of all, she could accomplish her dream of have a country family. When David first met her, she would go off into her own little world, describing her mission. She dreamt of a family, own a ranch and had family of horses and other pets. He gave it all to her, all except a child. They have been trying for months, but with no success. Everyday,  David could see her heart die a little more, he wanted to give her a child. She deserved someone to pass on her love and kindness too.


Months later, he was called to go out of town for a few weeks, he kissed his wife goodbye and left. Not long after he left, David’s wife was soon approached two beautiful women, they had an ethereal aura around themselves. They did not say a word but they brushed against her shoulder. A shiver was sent down her spine, not long after she had found herself having nausea, light-headedness and occasional twinges in her abdomen. David still wasn’t back home, and she was scared. She didn’t go to the doctor, with a fear of hearing bad news she didn’t want to acknowledge.

David returned and saw his wife looking very ill, concerned for her well-being, he suggested that they go to the doctors. Upon arrival, David’s wife collapsed.


Bios – Flowers Clan

Brittni Flowers is the head of the clan. No-one knows her real age or date of birth, though she constantly tells everyone that she is 30 and born in 1981. She has mothered 3 children, each have different fathers. Despite her slutty behavior and lust for power, she loves her girls. Brittni is a werewolf but practices magic in hope that it will nerve her arm for battle, and come out on top as Supreme Ruler of the magical species.

The Eldest daughter of Brittni and friend of our Protagonist , at age 15, Crystal knows what she wants in life. Crystal is a warm giving person, and one who does not want to follow in her mothers footsteps. She is the only she-wolf, who has the power of a seer, her mom thinks that may be used to her advantage, as she rely on her daughter to tell about the enemy tactics, Crystal, though lies as she only wants to live in harmony with the other species.  Knowing her mother’s power grabbing ways and the brutality of the war, she doubts her visions of a peaceful future for all.

Angel, the middle child and beta for Brittni, from the moment she was born, her mother knew she was a strong and powerful girl, at age 10, her mother knew she was right. Angel developed powers of manipulation, people would bow to her whim with just a flick of her hand. Her biggest challenge is her youngest sister, fearing she would turn out a disappointment like Crystal, Angel tries to persuade her to join their side, it is harder then it seems.

The youngest of them all, Scarlet is a kind girl, she knows more then her family thinks, possessing powers beyond imagination, but confides in Crystal to keep them a secret. 2 years of age, everyone treats her as if she is a fragile china doll, if they knew her powers they will more afraid then amused.

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